We're bringing Hypnotherapy to the mainstream.

How are we breaking the stigma around Hypnotherapy? Here's our plan... First we educate people on the incredible benefits of hypnotherapy, then we provide a catalog of powerful hypnoses for every area in life and last but not least, we design the hypnoses to actually work. Results speak for themselves. That's why we created the 30 Days of Hypnosis challenge.

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The only way to take control of your reality is by taking control of your beliefs. We've found Hypnotherapy to be the easiest method to do this, so we created an affordable way for everyone to use this powerful tool. Standard sessions can cost hundreds of dollars an hour, but with Hypno App you can access countless sessions on demand created by real, licensed Hypnotherapists for just $14 per month.

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Create your own reality with a library full of guided hypnosis and sound healing specifically designed to help you become your greatest self and live your best life.